Green policy

“Environmentally Friendly Services Translating into Friendly Room Rates”

The Ritz Team is committed to protecting the environment and conserving natural resources while providing the best possible services and the most affordable room rates. Since water and electricity on Curacao are among the most expensive in the world, The Ritz chooses to offer ‘refreshing’ ambient temperature showers, rather than higher room rates. This is a common practice on Curacao.

On Curacao water and electricity are commodities created in an old fashioned and not environmentally conscious way. Water is made out of seawater, and although the quality is very high, the desalination process consumes much energy. Electricity is made by diesel generators at the refinery. This technology dates back to the 1960’s. The black smoke coming from the refinery makes it easy to understand why many people on the Island are concerned, offended and ashamed by this waste of energy and pollution.


The Ritz takes a position to contribute to a better environment for the Island.

The Ritz offers an environmentally safe laundry service.  In order to minimize environmental damage caused by excess laundry, your room will receive fresh sheets and towels after three sleeps. Please hang up your towels and bath matt to dry for re-use.

You can help conserve electricity by turning off your air conditioner, lights and other electrical devices when you leave your room and keeping your air conditioner at a moderate temperature. During the day a comfortable temperature is 22-24 and sleeping is most comfortable at a temperature  that’s  between 24-26. Our next project is solar panels.

For the comfort and health of all your guests the Ritz is proud to offer all “no-smoking” rooms. We have strived to keep the “industrial” architectural feel of the historic Ice Cream Factory,  that is the Ritz. We hope you love the Ritz as much as we do and have a wonderful time on Curacao!

With our policy, and your participation we hope to contribute to a better environment on Curacao.


We are Happy to Serve You!
The Ritz Team