Hans Robben

A Dutch national, studied law in Tilburg The Netherlands but soon after ventured in enterprises around the world.
In 1999 he set sail on a sabbatical that, after 4 years sailing in the Caribbean would bring him to Curaçao.
It was time for a new venture. He saw The Ritz building in shambles, but recognized its vast potential.
His dedication and drive have brought The Ritz Village back to life and glory.

Christine McAdam

A Canadian national, originally from the art and haute cuisine world she ventured into sailing in 2008.
Sure enough her path crossed that of Hans and she moved to Curaçao in 2010.
Her energy and dedication, her passion for hospitality have led to the start of The Ritz Village in 2012.
Mostly behind the scenes she is the creative mind behind many development at The Ritz Village.