Best Hiking Spots in Curacao

Ready to be an adventurer? Here are our top 5 best hiking spots in Curacao:

Jan Thiel West

Jan Thiel West

Distance: 4.7 km round trip
Duration: 2-2.5 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Hike from the bay to the entrance of a lagoon along the coast via this trail. Ranking as an easy trek for difficulty, most of the terrain is level and without obstacle making this an excellent choice for the young and the less agile parts of your group.

Jan Thiel Lagoon

Distance: 5.5 km round trip
Duration: 2.5-3 hours
Difficulty: Easy

Experience the majesty of lagoon life during this hike in curacao. Winding through the forest on mostly level ground leads you to a blue oasis. The duration of the trek is spent in the lagoon, admiring the flocks of flamingos and other native birds as well as the naturally occurring salt
pans of the area.


Distance: 5.4 km round trip
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: Moderate

Take in the history of an old fort (circa 1700) and quarantine building (don’t worry, its safe) before ascending nearly 80 meters up the aptly Dutch named “mountain of the goats”. From there you’ll be enjoying one of the best views in Curacao before descending back to the parking
lot. The terrain can be hilly and full of sharp and jagged edges, so good shoes and water are a must.

Caracasbaai Peninsula

Distance: 6.5 km round trip
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: Moderate

For those wanting to take in the historical landmarks of the Kabrietenberg trail but aren’t sure about the uphill climb, this is the hike for you. Along with the aforementioned buildings, this trail navigates around the base of the mountain through the forest and back to the parking lot.
Though level, this trail can become soggy at times, so be prepared for wet feet.

St Michiel’s Mountain

Distance: 6 km round trip
Duration: 3 hours
Difficulty: Hard

For the most experienced hikers, St. Michiel’s provides the challenge you’re looking for. Starting out on the shores of a salt pan, you explore the remains of indio tanks before ascending over 100 meters to the top of the mountain. Along the trail back, take in the hoards of crabs found along the salty shores before arriving back at the starting point. Hilly, long and with possibly muddy and soggy conditions, this trail requires quality footwear and plenty of water.

But Wait, There’s More

While this guide is a great way to get yourself hiking in the right direction, Curacao has plenty more trails to explore on your next trip.

We know you’ll love exploring the secrets of our prom queen, but we also want you to stay safe while doing so. Always secure your valuables, never leave anything unattended or in your rental vehicle. Wear appropriate attire, stay hydrated and look out for the others in your group. If you take those steps, we’re sure you’ll love the hiking and other activities in Curacao.

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