How To Get Around Curacao

Know Where you Want to Go

There is an endless supply of things to do and points of interest in Curacao. Try to plan your trip the best you can ahead of time and know approximately where you’ll be heading and at what times before you arrive.

Maps are available on the internet showing most of what is offered, from hiking to snorkeling and everything in between. Sit down with your travel mates and make a decent itinerary, then consider the following points.

Limited Public Transit

Let’s be honest, this isn’t NYC. Buses are available throughout the week and weekend; however the schedule is infrequent and you can’t always rely on a bus to be waiting for you to bring you back to your starting point. Fares are relatively cheap, ranging between $1-2 per trip, but that comes at the price of dependability.

Hotels in Curacao also offer shuttle services that will take you to the beach and limited destinations that are local to the hotel, but they’re not a go to mode of transit for exploring further than that.

Taxis are unmetered and may upcharge certain times and loads. While they are dependable and can usually be had just about anywhere on the island, taxis in Curacao do not follow a typical meter system. Instead, most drivers employ their own rate sheets or “spitball” a price depending on the distance.

Be prepared to shell out some serious cash for a ride with one of these cabbies, especially if you have more than four people in your party or are hailing them before 6am or after 11pm, they raise rates considerably for those occasions. Factor in a 10% tip that is customary, and you could be spending $50-100 for a trip across the island.

Do it Yourself to Save Money and Time

Renting a car is by far the best way to get around Curacao. While a rental for the week could cost a fair amount, cars can be rented on a day to day basis to anyone with a valid driver’s license (age restrictions apply with different agencies).

The freedom to travel where and when you want just adds to the experience of this magical destination. Ranging between $30-80 a day depending on the vehicle and the agency, renting is far more economical than a taxi and more accessible than a public transit bus.

Freedom is Paramount

There’s not much of a point in planning a great trip with an array of activities if you can’t get to them. We suggest renting a car, so you have the freedom to travel wherever you want and without having to blow your budget in the process.

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