What To Expect In Curacao’s Pietermaai District

As the 20th century drew to a close, Pietermaai fell into disrepair, with people moving out, and illicit activities moving in. The once-grand mansions began to crumble, and grass sprouted from broken windows.

Today, the district has morphed into a hip and happening area and a melting pot of artists, musicians, crafters, students and travelers. The old buildings have been transformed in to new art. The once half-crumbled walls of this old neighborhood have become blank canvases of young artists’ self expression. Life and color have revitalized the neighborhood and historic buildings have been renovated into trendy cafes, boutiques, hotels, shops and restaurants -while as previously mentioned, structured which have yet to be rebuilt have been decorated with public art by Curacao’s local artists.

This neighborhood is now highly walkable. Taking a leisurely stroll along the streets of this district is reminiscent ont being in one of those independent art films wherein the protagonist finds herself enamored by the charm and artistry of her surroundings.

During the day, good vibes fill the air. This is the perfect place to meet and get to know local artists and neighborhood characters. At night, it becomes a flourishing meca for nightlife, entertainment and fine dining.

Options for late-night revelry become endless as you go deeper into the night. Music fills the air and the colorful area becomes bustling with activity. The bars get filled up and become an interesting place to meet new people and enjoy the laid back company of locals and tourists alike.

What was once a sketchy neighborhood is now a must-visit district that has become home to people from all walks of life and create a cozy, creative and safe environment where people just naturally come alive.

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