Why you should visit Curacao in May and June

While there are many obvious benefits to visiting a destination during its peak travel season, there’s a pretty good argument to be made for traveling somewhere when tourism isn’t at its peak.

For many reasons, traveling somewhere during the low season often means a more relaxed getaway. Not only is it a financially savvy move, but you’ll also find you’ll be dealing with fewer tourists and friendlier locals.

The months of May to June are considered Curacao’s off­peak dates, but as we are about to reveal, they are also the best dates to travel to the island.

The weather during these months is close to perfect. A lot of sunny days with clear skies and a warm breeze, you won’t see a cloud in the sky. Curacao is rarely affected by torrential rains during the rainy season, and if you’re traveling for some snorkeling and diving, the island has
excellent visibility year round.

Traveling to Curacao during these months also means less tourists. Fewer crowds means a far more intimate exploration of the city await as well as less struggle in traffic, finding a good spot on the beach and better interactions with tourists attractions.

Low season often leads to a drastic reduction in hotel rates. Similarly, airlines also slash off their prices for flights during this time. But you won’t just be saving loads of money from accommodations and flights, there will also be discounted off­season rates for activities and
tours around the island.

The money that would still remain from your travel budget could be used to explore new places that weren’t in your plan otherwise. In a way, this is a way of treating yourself with more amazing destinations and fantastic experiences all the while without hurting your wallet.
Overall, traveling to Curacao during off­season is one of its best kept secrets. For a more relaxed, affordable and peaceful vacation on the island, we highly recommend that you visit from May to June.

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