Punda Thursday Vibes In The City

Punda is also home to the Mikve Israel Emanuel Synagogue, the oldest surviving synagogue in the Americas. The quaint alleys of Punda lead you to the island’s top shopping destination where you can get everything from local crafts to electronics. On Thursday nights, Punda transforms.

A fairly new and interesting event turned weekly habit has been making waves in Punda on Thursday nights – Punda Thursday Vibes. A celebration of Punda’s booming art scene wherein the town showcases work from local artists. Pop-up craft markets, live theater, and historic dancing as music fills the alleys and people dance under the stars. Afterwards, a stunning fireworks display decorates the sky.

Known for its good-natured revelry that starts with numerous activities, and community-themed sessions during the day and ends with music and dancing all through the night, Punda Thursday Vibes has become a periodic gathering of artists, makers, and creative collaborators to celebrate Curacao and its past, present, and future. A community-driven movement, it also presents a platform for small-scale and independent businesses to present their products and services to a bigger market.

The music consist of live jazz, blues, reggae and salsa provide a whimsical soundtrack to art walks along the streets of Punda. There are also activities for children with a set up of bouncy castles, candy floss, face painting, other pop-up activities kids are sure to enjoy.

More than just a street gathering, Punda Thursday Vibes celebrates the history and heritage of Willemstad with the help of Curacao’s culture cultivators and locals. The event gives new light to the streets and alleys, promoting a homegrown love and appreciation of the locale’s diversity.
Punda Thursday Vibes has a simple goal: to make people from all walks of life fall in love with Curacao’s booming art scene, history and culture. This weekly event breathes back life in to the old streets of Willemstad. Don’t forget to check out this scene when you take your Curacao vacation and immerse yourself in one of the most beautiful inner cities in the world.

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12+ years old

2-11 years old

Age children