Submarine Tour at Substation Curacao.

The Curasub
Substation Curacao first introduced the “Curasub” in 2010. This vessel is primarily utilized for marine research but has been used as a way for tourists and guests to see the glorious underwater realms of the island of Curacao up to a depth of 1,000 feet or 320 meters.

What you can expect
The Curasub lets you experience and discover parts of the world that very few people have seen. The submarine can carry up to five people, and passengers are able to get a clear view of up to 60 feet or 30 meters of visibility. The underwater expedition will lead you to encounters with shipwrecks, coral reefs, unique deep-water fish and a wealth of natural treasures.

Before you dive in
The submarine dive is about venturing to a quiet and mysterious world unfamiliar to most people. However, proper information and safety is always ensured. Before you (literally) take the plunge, the skilled and professional staff prepare a safety briefing. You will be accompanied by an experienced pilot who will be more than happy to answer your questions regarding the trip and the marine life you encounter.

There will be a professional underwater photographer with you as well who will take beautiful snapshots of your epic moments in this excursion so you can focus on fully immersing yourself in the experience rather than trying to capture the moments on your camera yourself.

Start planning!
This one of a kind trip is an awe-inspiring and magical experience that you can almost compare to entering an alternate universe. This submarine tour lets you touch base with what was once an unimaginable feat and turns it into a colorful and inspired version of reality.

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12+ years old

2-11 years old

Age children